Triticale Bread Boule

Artisan Bread Making with U3A Riverland

I’m inviting expressions of interest for Artisan Bread Making with U3A Riverland.

I’m planning for initially introducing one off Mindful Baking sessions due to begin now this May 2017 with U3A Riverland. Dates to be confirmed yet.

This will involve mastering the basic rudiments on baking bread. It is a hands on class with the bonus that you will take your own bread home with you, along with a Bakers’ Percentage Cheat Sheet & printed instructions.

Join in to discover how it is all about:

  • a little forward planning
  • 4 simple ingredients
  • no kneading
  • no fancy equipment
  • using a normal domestic oven


Click here for: U3A Term 2 2017 Activity Schedule

Contact me:

or go to the Riverland U3A website and lodge your interest there.

Come enjoy some Mindful Baking & discover some Bakers’ Secrets


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