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Keen to make your own bread? I would love to share my Bakers’ secrets with you.  Just contact me via the form below to receive personal BreadCoaching and we can arrange a date! Or join me at the Chaffey Community Centre where I also conduct classes. Check for more details from the drop down menu above.

Sun N' Seed Loaf

Sun N’ Seed Loaf – winning name for this bread by Sue Heward, from Singing Magpie Produce. If you would like to discover how to make these fabulous loaves book yourself for one of my BreadCoaching sessions!

Pearl Barley & Pumpkin Bread
Fresh out of the oven

Other current bread favourites: Rye Laced with Caraway Seeds, Pearl Barley & Pumpkin, 100% Ancient Grain Spelt Boules. If you have a personal favourite, let me know and I will make it specially for you!

Fancy getting new hands on skills with making lunch? We’ve started a new workshop where you can grab a new skills and lunch in one. Check out “Let’s Do Lunch” at the Chaffey Community Centre.

Next Flour-and-Spice delivery to the Riverland Farmers’ Market Coop Stall is:


I personally hate spam, so I will definitely not share your email with anyone else. Also, please note, I’m still managing all this manually, so apologies if you don’t get an immediate response and thank you for your patience!

To follow further Flour-and-Spice bread discussions you can join my Flour-and-Spice Facebook Group or you can hop on to my Flour-and-Spice Facebook Page to message me there if you prefer and follow events as they unfold! 🙂


Tia – Your Personal Bread Coach


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