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Baker’s Percentage

One of the most confusing concepts in my bread making journey has been the “Baker’s Percentage”. It took me quite a while to get my head around it properly. It was difficult because I was figuring it out by myself. However, when the penny did drop, baking bread has become an even greater pleasure and joy! Once I understood this concept, I discovered that I did not need a “bread recipe”. What is more important to understand are the “proportions” required for different ingredients when making bread. The Baker’s Percentage also allows you to scale your bread to the quantities of dough you require for a given batch of dough ingredients. Scaling is not about doubling or tripling or halving a recipe necessarily. Here’s the thing, if you are like me, where mental maths is not a forte, then a calculator is your best friend when making & baking bread and using the Baker’s Percentage. Most of us carry one in our back pocket these days – you know, that thing we like to call a smart phone.

So how does a Baker’s Percentage really work?

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What is Mahlab/Mahlepi/Mastixa?

This is an unusual condiment used in Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, generally in the context of baked goods.

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Is Teff the next Quinoa?

You may or may not have heard of Teff flour – I have on and off, but wasn’t quite sure what it was or where it came from – so I decided to do a little investigation

TEFF is an ancient grain and one of the smallest grains found in Ethiopia. Imagine: it takes about 150 Teff seeds to equal the weight of a single wheat kernel. It is the main ingredient used to make Injera flat bread.

Reasons Teff flour is starting to trend on a global basis:

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Although a hybrid developed by man, Triticale (Tricosecate) has been around for well over a century. It was first bred around 1845 in the northern hemisphere both in Sweden and Scotland. Basically it is a cross between wheat & rye giving it a combination Continue reading GRAINS: “T” IS FOR TRITICALE