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My ABC reference list to flours & grains

“S”spells Spelt

I like baking with spelt which is an ancient grain increasing in popularity around the world. Contrary to some popular belief, spelt is not “gluten free”, it simply has a different genetic makeup to normal wheat. However, it does appears to be a lot kinder to the gut. This is true especially when it is allowed to go through a proper long fermentation process using natural levain. It has a lovely nutty flavour when baked, the crust gets nicely caramelized with a chocolaty colour. So what else is there to know about spelt… Continue reading “S”spells Spelt



Although a hybrid developed by man, Triticale (Tricosecate) has been around for well over a century. It was first bred around 1845 in the northern hemisphere both in Sweden and Scotland. Basically it is a cross between wheat & rye giving it a combination Continue reading GRAINS: “T” IS FOR TRITICALE

GRAINS: “B” is for Barley

Barley when compared to wheat is often quoted as being lower in gluten content than wheat. This really is a misnomer because… Continue reading GRAINS: “B” is for Barley

“A” is for: ATTA

Are you confused about Atta flour – I certainly have been…

Continue reading “A” is for: ATTA