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Kulitsa & Pashka & Tsoureki & Challah

Kulitsa/Kulich & Pashka/Pasha are very Eastern European celebratory traditional Easter foods.   Curiously, many of these Easter breads are very similar… Continue reading Kulitsa & Pashka & Tsoureki & Challah


How Did Pancake Day come about?

Pancake Day, also know as Shrove Tuesday is the day before lent which starts Ash Wednesday which is the day after on the religious calendar. From a religious point of view, it is the time when many Christians, in remembrance of Jesus, abstain from eating any rich foods during lent. This tradition is believed to be the reason why Pancake Day came about… Continue reading How Did Pancake Day come about?

Ever heard of Runeberg Torte?

Who was Johan Ludvig Runeberg and what is Runeberg Torte?

The 5th of January is a national flag day in Finland which celebrates Runeberg’s Birthday. Why am I writing about this? Well there is something yummy that is made available for this celebration that involves baking. Bakeries and patisseries around Finland, roughly not long after New Year start to produce and sell Runeberg Torte, the sales of which culminate on the 5th of February, after which they disappear again until the following year.

I thought it would be fun to delve into the history of the torte and to Who was Johan Ludvig Runeberg? Current younger generations of Finns are perfectly aware of Runeberg Torte and that they are in season from the beginning of the new year until the 5th of February but often not much more…..

This is what I discovered Continue reading Ever heard of Runeberg Torte?

Is Teff the next Quinoa?

You may or may not have heard of Teff flour – I have on and off, but wasn’t quite sure what it was or where it came from – so I decided to do a little investigation

TEFF is an ancient grain and one of the smallest grains found in Ethiopia. Imagine: it takes about 150 Teff seeds to equal the weight of a single wheat kernel. It is the main ingredient used to make Injera flat bread.

Reasons Teff flour is starting to trend on a global basis:

Continue reading Is Teff the next Quinoa?

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day with baked goods?

Mother’s Day: An annual event either the 2nd Sunday in May but also 4th Sunday in Lent

Mothers have been honoured since ancient times traditional. However, it is a relatively recent phenomenon that there is a specific day assigned to Mother’s Day annually now. This was thanks to a campaign initiated by Continue reading Do you celebrate Mother’s Day with baked goods?

GRAINS: “B” is for Barley

Barley when compared to wheat is often quoted as being lower in gluten content than wheat. This really is a misnomer because… Continue reading GRAINS: “B” is for Barley

I say Damper Oven you say Dutch Oven, they say Cloche and more…

I believe one of the most successful ways of getting great results when baking bread in a domestic oven is by using what in lay terms can only be described as

“baking in an oven which is within an oven”

Curiously, this technique isn’t unique to any particular nation/culture, such ovens have been used for a very long time all around the world, they are just referred to by many different names. For example:

Continue reading I say Damper Oven you say Dutch Oven, they say Cloche and more…

Anzac Biscuits – Lest We Forget

This year commemorates 100 years of ANZAC spirit, I like to think that each such biscuit represents an ANZAC –  meaning they will never be forgotten as long as we make & bake these biscuits.

The term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is protected under Australian law and cannot be used in Australia without permission from the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs. The misuse of Anzac can be legally enforced. New Zealand law has similar restrictions.

However, an exemption has been granted for Anzac Biscuits, providing they remain true to the original recipe and are never referred to as “cookies”.

There is some contention whether Anzac biscuits were invented in Australia or New Zealand, a bit like whether Pavlova originates from Australia or New Zealand and that is a debate I’m not about to enter 😉 What is interesting about their origin though… Continue reading Anzac Biscuits – Lest We Forget

99th Anzac Day Zucchini & Ricotta Bread

Zucchini – still very underrated by many

Zucchini in Italian means small squash. The term squash itself comes from the Native American Indian: skutasquash which means: Continue reading 99th Anzac Day Zucchini & Ricotta Bread

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns tend to be an all time favourite with everyone during Easter. Spiced buns have been eaten since spices have been around, but the custom of eating spiced buns in England on a Good Friday was established during Tudor times thanks to a by-law forbidding the sale of such buns, except on Good Friday, Yule time and burials.

Continue reading Hot Cross Buns