In search of sustainable artisan bread

Happy New Year everyone! One of my New Year Bread Resolutions is to make & bake bread as sustainably as possible. So the article: “In search of a sustainable approach to artisanal bread” in the latest issue of Bread Magazine immediately caught my attention. This made me think: what is the true value in the artisan approach of baking bread?

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The notion of artisan“hand-made” bread is something many of us proudly quote (myself included) in connection with artisan baking, particularly on our instagram pics with hashtags such as: #artisan #hand-made and so on. However, one of the exploratory questions, as examined in the latest issue of Bread Magazine is, if it were not made by hand, would that make the bread non-artisan? Does artisan qualify only if you use particular types of ingredients? And I bet you can come up with a load more questions that can be connected to the concept of artisan bread baking.

Personally, I don’t think hand-made is a requisite to be artisan. I love using my hands when I make bread dough because I find it extremely therapeutic, however, I also use my KitchenAid and its dough hook at times, depending on what I’m baking. Does that make those bakes less artisan?

To me the meaning of artisan bread making & baking is more reflected by the fact that an artisan baker is a person, not a robotic machine, someone who oversees the production of the breads he/she bakes from beginning to end. The artisan baker ensures that the bread has a sustainable provenance in terms of ingredients. In other words, no dodgy additives and preservatives, not to mention E numbers. Artisan bread is not homogenous but is something that has its own character and even a good story to boot. Above all, the quest of an artisan baker is to strive to make a better loaf every time he/she bakes and to listen to the community around them and to be sensitive to their wants and needs.

The new issue of Bread Magazine is a jam packed sandwich of great food for thought and a fantastic global connector of like-minded breadheads  & bread wizards. Don’t forget to drop me an email to obtain your special DISCOUNT CODE  so I can personally send it to you, but you need to hurry the code is time-sensitive, it will expire January 31st, 2017. As a bonus I will also send you my Bakers’ Percentage Cheat Sheet Template!

Happy Baking 2017! Bake Bread for the Soul


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