Spending the night with an Artisan Baker

Artisan Baker of Molitg

Back in October I spent an amazing night with an artisan baker who toils his trade 3x a week up  in the Pyrenean mountains. Our rendez-vous was at midnight and I spent the night pretty much watching him perform his craft from beginning to end. Continue reading Spending the night with an Artisan Baker


Muratti – Boulangerie in Adelaide 

Muratti – a bakery in Adelaide 

Whenever I go or leave Adelaide I have to go via Muratti on Prospect Road. 

– Why? – 

There you can find one of the best bakeries in Adelaide. 

They have a delightful array of French pastries and bread boulangerie in general ! This is not to mention that their coffee is a life saver when you are traveling on the road on a 3 hour trip to the Riverland. 

When I yearn for a touch of Frenchy yum, this is where I just have to go!