Anzac Biscuits – Lest We Forget

This year commemorates 100 years of ANZAC spirit, I like to think that each such biscuit represents an ANZAC –  meaning they will never be forgotten as long as we make & bake these biscuits.

The term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is protected under Australian law and cannot be used in Australia without permission from the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs. The misuse of Anzac can be legally enforced. New Zealand law has similar restrictions.

However, an exemption has been granted for Anzac Biscuits, providing they remain true to the original recipe and are never referred to as “cookies”.

There is some contention whether Anzac biscuits were invented in Australia or New Zealand, a bit like whether Pavlova originates from Australia or New Zealand and that is a debate I’m not about to enter 😉 What is interesting about their origin though… Continue reading Anzac Biscuits – Lest We Forget