Renee tipping the dough ready for shaping

The Proof is in the Prove?

Renee left the dough in the buckets to prove/proof – there is some contention here: does one say prove or proof? – anyway, surprisingly only for about an hour.

Perhaps this is some proof to my earlier post that altitude does have some significance in the speed of proving at higher altitudes!


The dough was still relatively wet and not something for the faint-hearted to handle! However, it did not take more than an hour to rise for its next step.

It was truly hypnotic to watch Renee shape the bread with the flick of his wrist and then delicately place the shaped bread into their banneton baskets. He meticulously weighed each piece of dough before shaping. Long live the Assize of Bread,  plus I would say economic sense & common sense should dictate this, or the baker could be seriously out of pocket! Here’s some video I’d like to share with you.

The dough was left to prove for another hour, this was the Pain Complet. However, Renee did advise me that rye based bread took longer to prove, more like 3-4 hours. He had done his rye batch earlier in the night, which had just been baked when I arrived.

Next time more on the finished product!



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