Picture of dough hook

Mixing the dough at Le-Pain-de-Molitg

Mixing the dough at Le-Pain-de-Molitg

It was not long after 6am when Renee started to prepare his second batch of dough for his artisan bread.

Into the big mixing tub went the natural levain, followed by the flour (Renee’s special mix of flours) and the water, which has to be luke warm.  Note: no salt at this stage! The dough was mixed for about 15 minutes resulting in a very wet dough.  He then measured the salt on top of the wet dough and left everything to rest.

BreadStorm Snapshot of Renee's recipe
Renee’s Pain-de-Molitg Recipe

As you can see from the BreadStorm snapshot here, we are dealing with bakery quantities! However, if you use this app you can easily adapt the quantities for your own intentions.

After about  40 minutes he switched on his industrial dough mixer for another 3 minutes until he was satisfied that all the salt was properly incorporated into the dough.  He then proceeded to divide the dough into several large plastic bowls until these were approximately half way full. He explained that you need to leave room for the dough to expand. Resting time for this would be about an hour.

Later it was fascinating to watch Renee scrape off all the dough scraps stuck on the sides into another bowl which he then covered, giving me a wink to say that nothing is wasted here!

Time  for a break:  quick bite of brekky, which consisted of local cheese and in-house baked bread bien sur!

Next time I want to share more about the shaping, I even have a little bit of video I took for this.     –  Stay tuned, as there will be more breadcrumbs to follow!


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