My first Flour-and-Spice blog entry

Flour-and-Spice avatarThis blog posting has been on the back burner waiting to happen for over a year now. I have finally mustered some courage to start it. I’m a total novice at this blogging game and I honestly don’t know where it will take me. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a kind of forum where like minded people in regards to bread can connect and discuss bread making issues and where I will endeavour to show anyone who is interested that making your own bread is a very rewarding experience. I will also post about my bread adventures as they happen.

For the past month I have been mainly in France spending some time with my parents. I’ve had lots of fun taking pictures of different boulangeries (those of you who follow my Facebook page will have seen some of these pictures) and had the most fabulous day with a local artisan baker who happens to be just up the road from my parents place. Next blog post will be about that experience.

I will post photos of my travels in the picture gallery, once I figure out the best way of using it. Like I said earlier, I’m very much learning and figuring out how to do all this! I’m totally open to constructive comments and suggestions on subjects, areas that you would like me to pursue and find out more of.

I’m totally amazed at the budding and growing bread community out there as well! The best part is that anyone and everyone I have met that is connected somehow with baking and real bread have been the friendliest and warmest connections I have ever come across. People involved with bread are a generous community:

There is actually a fantastic twitter bread community out there you can get connected to, which once a month engages in #BreadChat on Twitter (every third Wednesday of the month to be exact) which is tirelessly moderated by Chicago Amateur Bakers  and BreadStorm – do check their website!

Speaking of BreadStorm, they have the most fabulous app that works out bakers percentages for you. I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone who is serious about baking and wants to experiment with different bread formulae. I just LOOOVE this app, it makes my bread experimenting a piece of cake! (I wish I could say a piece of bread here, hihii, but you get what I mean). Farine has the best blog post, which explains how to use this app, veteran Bread aficionados I imagine will already be very familiar with Farine’s Blog, if you haven’t read any of her stuff, do click on the link and visit her because she has some great posts about bread overall.

Another great resource for bread enthusiasts is the Bread Magazine which is  beautifully produced, published & presented by Jarkko Laine. It is now in its 3rd year of publication and if you want to know what’s baking in the oven when it comes to bread it is a subscription you won’t regret.

Well, now that I’ve been fermenting all this for quite a while I better get on with the baking and hope to share many more baking thoughts with good oven spring on my bread crumb trek!

I invite you to follow my bread crumb trail!


3 thoughts on “My first Flour-and-Spice blog entry”

  1. Hei Tia! I’m so happy to find you blogging and can’t wait to read your future posts! The artisan bakery sounds amazing.

    Also, thanks for the Bread magazine mention! 🙂

    1. Hei Jarkko, no worries, you are more than welcome, your magazine is great! Back down under again recovering from jet lag and adjusting to hot weather. My post on my artisan baking adventure hopefully not too far away!

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