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My name is Tia, baking & making bread is something I think, breath, dream and just simply do virtually day in day out for the sheer fun of it.  I live ‘down under’, am mom to 3 kids, married to a winemaker and bake my bread in my Bread Pantry in the beautiful Riverland perched on the River Murray.

My baking started due to necessity, living in places where the only way of getting decent bread was by baking it myself! In the process, I discovered baking my own bread and cultivating the wild yeast that goes with it extremely therapeutic!

I continue to bake my own bread not just because it is therapeutic but also because I want to know what is “in it” and perhaps even more importantly: Knowing what definitely “is not in it”!

The amazing thing is that bread isn’t really that difficult to make (although there is some really interesting science behind it).

The purpose of this blog is to use it as my reference point with anything involved with bread and baking that I have managed to curate from all over the place, trying to de-clutter my notes into something more accessible I am posting them here and am happy to share with anyone who is interested. I welcome constructive criticism and filling in the blanks because I believe we are always discovering new things. You will notice my blogs are sporadic, this is because I’m busy baking at best of times! However, I’m working on it! You can also find my writings on bread in The Bread Magazine which is a digital magazine packed with great knowledge and insights from bakers around the world on bread baking. I’ve subscribed to it from day 1 and urge you to do so if you haven’t already. For the price of a cup of coffee you get the know-how, trends & expertise from bakers around the world!

I also design bread to suit personal needs and tastes and coach others to do the same and would love to become Your Personal Bread Coach and help you discover your own personal journey into baking good bread. Bread that only requires simple ingredients and no fancy equipment.

Basic bread only requires 4 ingredients:

flour, water, salt, and a raising agent, which can be either commercial yeast or the increasingly popular “wild” yeast found in sourdough.

No need for additives, preservatives and all that sort of nonsense!  Your health could depend on consuming the right bread. As your Bread Coach I want to share how by making & baking your own you can enjoy the added benefits of wholesome bread, better health, and even savings by baking it in your own domestic oven. Those with gluten allergies/intolerances often discover that by making/baking your own from ingredients with a sustainable provenance actually means they can enjoy bread again without suffering from side effects commercial products can instigate (please note that I’m not referring to coeliacs which sadly is a disease that means avoidance of anything gluten altogether).

As Your Personal Bread Coach I offer a choice of Group Baking Classes; Private Classes; and Personal Baking Services – all which can be designed to suit you and/or friends. All my baking is produced with organic flour & local produce where possible.

I am based in the Riverland, South Australia. You can come say hello to me at the Riverland Farmers’ Market – just check my dates on my contacts page here or simply contact me  ( tia @ flour-and-spice.com) to discuss your needs.


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I invite you to follow the bread crumbs on my Flour and Spice adventure and enjoy some Happy Baking!

Tia – Your Personal Bread Coach


Happy Bakers bake bread and share the love!

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