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Thanks for dropping in and welcome.

My name is Tia, and baking & making bread is something I think, breath, dream, just simply do virtually day in, day out for the sheer fun of it and the mindfulness it gives my soul. Baking to me is a form of mindulfness: makes me focus and savour the present moment.

My baking started due to necessity evolving into a therapeutic journey of discovery. Baking my own bread & cultivating wild yeast, wanting to know what is in my bread and even more importantly, knowing what definitely is not in it. It is very easy to ditch all those unnecessary ingredients incorporated into breads today (many detrimental to our health). I call it going back to basics.

Baking to  me is a form of mindfulness: makes me focus and savour the present moment.

Becoming a Bread Ninja isn’t difficult and I want to make it part of my journey to share this with anyone who is interested. No fancy equipment is required, or even excessive kneading, just a bit of patience and organising one’s schedule.  I enjoy designing bread to suit personal needs & tastes and help my fellow friends become bread ninjas themselves! Believe me it’s easier than you think!

Did you know?

Basic bread only requires 4 ingredients: flour, water, salt, and a raising agent, which can be either commercial yeast or the increasingly popular “wild” yeast found in sourdough.

I use this blog to connect with like minded fellow bread heads and as a reference point with anything involved with bread and baking that I have curated and made notes on. In other words, my attempt to: try de-clutter my notes into something more accessible – hence, my actual blogs are sporadic. My excuse: I’m busy baking at best of times!

You can also find my writings on bread in The Bread Magazine which is a digital magazine packed with great knowledge and insights from like minded bakers who Think Global and Bake Local. Myself a subscriber from day 1 and now excited to be the curator of  Bread Magazine’s weekly newsletter which is free. There you can get the global know-how, trends & expertise from bakers, and find interesting & fun snippets about what is happening around the bread world.

As for myself  I am based ‘down under’ in the Riverland, South Australia and if you live here or happen to visit this beautiful region, as your BreadCoach I can offer

  • Group Baking Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Private Baking Orders
  • BreadCoaching at the Chaffey Community Centre (you can check on dates on their website) to reserve your spot, please register your attendance with them

All my baking is produced with organic flour & local produce where possible to bring #themurrayonyourplate !

You can on occasion come say hello to me at the Riverland Farmers’ Market – just check my dates on my contacts page here or simply contact me via email tia @ flour-and-spice.com (gaps there on purpose to avoid spam bots!) for any further enquiries.


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Come share & follow the bread crumbs of my Flour and Spice adventure and enjoy Mindful Baking along the way!

 Happy Flour Power!

Tia, Mindful Baker – Baking Bread for the Soul


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