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WELCOME – Thanks for dropping in!

I’m Tia, and I’ve been baking & making bread since I was in my teens. Now it is something I think, breath, dream, just simply do virtually day in, day out for the sheer joy of it. I have also discovered what a mindful exercise this is for my soul. Baking makes me focus and savour the present moment and as a consequence I have been consciously meditating every day since February 13, 2017 and wouldn’t dream of stopping now, anymore than ceasing to bake bread!

Baking to  me is a form of mindfulness: makes me focus and savour the present moment.

I have continued to bake bread due to necessity and it has evolved into a therapeutic journey of discovery on how to bake bread with No Need to Knead along with cultivating wild yeast with just water and flour.

I actually made my wild levain just before my youngest was born, little realising I ended up nurturing two little babies in the process and where has the time gone? – my starter is 18+ years old this year, old enough to vote now, eek!


On a more serious note, in this day and age of gluten intolerances it is key to understand why we actually suffer of such intolerances. I believe this is partly due to how bread is made and what kind of ingredients are used in the process. I for one, want to know what is in my bread and even more importantly – I want to know what definitely is not in it and the only way of knowing that is by being in control yourself.

For this reason, my goal is to share my No Need to Knead method with everyone because:

“I believe everyone deserves to know how to bake & enjoy wholesome nutritious bread.”

The purpose of this blog is to connect with like minded fellow bread heads and to use it as a reference point with anything involved with bread and the notes that I have curated along the way. In other words, my attempt to: try de-clutter my notes into something more accessible – hence, my actual blogs are sporadic. – My excuse: I’m busy BreadCoaching & Baking at best of times for my my family and my microbakery orders!

Did you know?

Basic bread only requires 4 ingredients: flour, water, salt, and a raising agent, which can be either commercial yeast or the increasingly popular “wild” yeast found in sourdough.

A bit of bio: I am an experienced  BreadCoach  based ‘down under’ in the Riverland, South Australia. I have over 25 years experience baking bread and a Bachelor of Arts in Catering & Publishing from the Oxford Brookes University, UK. I have also had the good fortune to study with International Bakers at the Barcelona Guild of Master Bakers: Josep Pascual (famous for his Metodo Pascual); Yohan Ferrant (Director of Baking School Barcelona Sabadell); Tony Vals Grau (Director of Gremi de Flequers, Barcelona); Michael Chesnouard (Director of the school Atelier M’Alice of Minoterie Girardeu, Nantes, France); Ezio Marinato (World Champion of Bread Competitions and lecturer at ALMA Cooking School in Italy); Cyril Veniat (Pastry & Baking Teacher at the International School of Adge, Languedoc-Rousillon, France and technical advisor Le Cordon Bleu in Kobe, Japan); Anttu Rautio (Head Baker of Family owned Kotileipomo Siiskonen, Mikkeli, Finland)

and if you live here in the Riverland or happen to visit our beautiful region, as your BreadCoach I can offer:

All my baking is hand-made with long fermentation using organic flour & local produce where possible!

I also write articles on bread in BREAD Magazine which is a digital magazine packed with great knowledge and insights from like minded bakers who Think Globally and Bake Bread Locally. I am also the producer & curator of  Bread Magazine’s weekly newsletter  There you can follow global know-how; trends & expertise from bakers; and find interesting & fun snippets about what is happening around the bread world – so I urge you to sign up – it’s free!

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Come share, follow the bread crumbs of my Flour and Spice & No Need to Knead journey and hopefully enjoy some Mindful Baking along the way!

 Happy Flour Power!

Tia, Mindful Baker – Baking Mandala Bread for the Soul

P.S. Follow me on other Social Media platforms such as my Facebook Group or Page, @tiaingle, Instagram and Pinterest


7 thoughts on “About “No need to knead””

  1. I love your weekly newsletter and look forward to the articles. I have been baking bread now since 1988. I live in Devonport Tasmania. I especially like the latest post in the magazine where you explain the drying of sourdough starter. I shall give this a try as I bake bread as needed, seeing there is only my wife and me. Thanks again for sharing your experience and your enthusiasm. I love it

    1. Thank you David for you kind words! I love curating the BREAD Magazine Newsletter.
      This year I have promised myself that I will pay more attention to my blog as well and post more stuff hopefully on a weekly basis. I’m still working on my Hamelman quest although it did kind of drop into the back burner with my trip to Japan. It’s all been a learning curve with the technology and keeping up with it (meaning wordpress stuff) I will be posting my results this coming Friday on the bread I made from the dried sourdough starter I activated (old & new to see if there was a difference) – I was rather impressed with the results! So do stay tuned 🙂
      PS Love Tasmania, I visited first time last year and hopefully will visit again!

      1. Thanks, Tia,
        I shall make a batch of sourdough and once it is thriving have a go at drying some. I am looking forward to the results of the dried sourdough bread. Keep up your good work. We, bread makers, love the magazine and your blog is great!

        1. Jeffrey Hamelman is an American baker and a wonderfully generous man. I met him briefly a couple of years ago in Adelaide. His book on BREAD is one of my go-to books. I actually reviewed his book here on my blog in 2017 if you want to go see here is the link: https://flourandspiceblog.wordpress.com/?s=jeffrey+Hamelman I’ve blogged about his bread recipes as well (just search Hamelman here on the search bar) with the idea that I do as many as possible. I’ve been a bit time poor lately but I’m hoping to resume again this new year 🙂 Happy Sourdough Flour Power!

          1. Yes, I have – I’m a total podcast junkie! Jeffrey is a lovely man. I actually had the good fortune to meet him a couple of years back. I really admire all the work he has done for bread and bakers.

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